Recruitment software support the whole recruitment life cycle, upholding best practice work process, while taking out the administrative burden regularly teken by recruitment professional.

The recruitment system automates key features of the recruitment procedure and permits the selection representative to concentrate on the essential things – like managing and controlling customer and competitor connections.

Characteristics of recruitment systems:

  • Applicant Tracking
  • Candidate Management
  • E-Recruitment
  • Dynamic Communication
  • Systems Integration
  • Agency Management
  • Recruiter Mobility


    • Admin creates two kind of users : Admin & Employee
  • Manage User
    • Create attendance
  • Manage Job Seeker :
    • Admin can view jobseeker (candidate) details or can remove also.
  • Manage Employer
    • Admin can view employer details or can remove.


  • Post Jobs
    • Admin or employee can post job by filling all the requirement details.
  • Manage Jobs :
    • Admin or employee can view edit or delete the posted jobs.
  • Applied Jobs :
    • Applicant who applied for the posted job can be view.
  • Manage Drafts(Templates) :
    • Admin or applicant can save job description and can use this as a draft when posting this job.


  • Employer Jobs(From Site) :
    • Admin or employee can view or delete the jobs that is posted by employer from website.
  • Approval Queue :
    • The jobs posted by employer from website has to be approve by admin.


  • Dashboard :
    • User can check the status of profile viewed by him and viewed by others.


  • Profile :
    • User can view or edit his/her profile.
  • Mail settings :
    • User can view or change his/her email id.
  • Change Password :
    • User can view or change his/her password.


  • Quick Search :
    • Admin or employee can make a search of desired candidate by filling the desired option.


  • My Folders :
    • The shortlist candidate can be list in a folder. Admin or employee can make many folders according to their need.
  • Shared Folders :
    • The folders can be share in between other users.
  • My Inbox :
    • The shared folders come. (Share by others)
  • Shared Inbox :
    • In this section the shared folders come. (Share by user)