1) The complete Terms & Conditions (T&C) in relation to the product/services offered & accepted by the customer, & in relation to the general T&C on portal usage are available on the website(portal) for which services have been subscribed.

2) The payment released against the invoice deems confirmation & acceptance to all the terms & conditions, are amended from time to time.

3) The usage of the Website and its associated services constitute a binding agreement with Woxa Technologies Pvt Ltd and Customer’s agreement to abide by the same.

4) The functionalities that are supposed to be added in the portal will be as per mentioned in the agreement & any additional functionality will incur extra charges.

5) Engaging in any conduct prohibited by law or usage of services in any manner so as to impair the interests and functioning of Woxa Technologies Pvt Ltd may result in withdrawal of services.

6) If your cheque is returned dishonored or in case of a charge back on an online transaction (including credit card payment), services will be immediately deactivated. In case of cheques dishonored, the reactivation would be done only on payment of an additional Rs 500 per instance of dishonor.

7) Woxa Technologies Pvt Ltd does not guarantee the quality or quantity of response to any of its services. All is on a best effort basis.

8) This service is neither resale able nor transferable by the Subscriber to any other person, corporate body, firm or individual.

9) Laws of India as applicable shall govern. Courts in Haryana will have exclusive Jurisdiction.