In Security Management Software has been underlined for the most part to present approaches which are Practical, Flexible and Understandable.

The application security and scope is changing rapidly.

Security Management Software approach of enhancing the present position of Application Development by coordinating Software Security.

Application Security can be consistently incorporated in the SDLC by presenting particular steps or process with in the development stages.

Security is a critical element of any product. The present situation of security management software is numerous organizations to a degree have begun tending to security before in the lifecycle to mitigate the dangers of utilization security attacks.


  • Admin create user/Update/master data entry/Fine Entry
  • Employee Department
  • Register employee profile with all details
  • Update /show profile
  • Attendance Department
  • Create attendance
  • Show attendance
  • Salary Department
  • Employee credit/debit salary record with all report
  • Advance department
  • Pay advance
  • Show advance detail
  • Advance report